IMPORTANT: The Hub may not be available for bookings from 1 June 2019. If you wish to book from this date forward, please contact us to discuss.

Please select the time frame you want from the Service menu, then select your date, then click on the time that shows up under the calendar. You can then complete the booking form. Days shaded in red are booked out and days shaded in grey are unavailable for your selected time frame.

Please note we do not offer custom times, but you can access the venue at any time during your booking period. For example, if you want the Hub from 10am to 11am, you will need to book a morning slot, or if you need 11am to 3pm, you will need to book a full day, and then just tell us the exact times in the description so we know when to expect you. Because we already offer the Hub at a low rate with discounts at the Cafe, we do not offer any discounts for partial use of the time frame.