BREAKFAST – Served until 11am

*Mushroom Omelette (GF) 19.50
Mushroom, feta, cherry tomato, spinach

*Blueberry Pancakes (GF, V option) double stack 19.50, triple 26
Blueberry and orange compote, maple syrup, yoghurt

*Banana Pancakes (GF, V option) double stack 19.50, triple 26
Banana, maple butter, yoghurt

*Granola (GF, V option) 19
In house granola, seasonal fruit, maple, yoghurt, milk

Mushroom Bruschetta (GF, V) 19.50
Garlic herb sauteed mushroom, caramelised onions, tomato chutney, toasted pepitas on Strange Grains panini

Big Breakfast (GF, V option) 25
Spiced quinoa and chickpea pattie, cooked tomato and mushroom, fried egg, Mexican beans, tomato or chilli chutney, Strange Grains toast

Mexican Breakfast Beans (GF, V option) 22
Spiced beans and vegetables, mozzarella cheese, salsa, smashed avocado, Strange Grains toast

Extras 3
Avocado Half, Egg, Mushrooms, Mexican Beans, Marinated Feta, Blueberry Compote, Maple Syrup, Cashew Cream, Greek Yoghurt, Toast (2 slices)


KIDS BREAKFAST (12 years and under)

Kid’s Pancakes (GF, V option) 12.5
Banana or blueberry compote with maple syrup

Kid’s Beans (GF, V option) 12.5
Mexican beans, mozzarella and Strange Grains toast

Scrambled Eggs (GF, V option) 12.5
Free range scrambled eggs on Strange Grains toast

Kid’s Extras 
Smoothie 4.5
Juice 4.5

LUNCH – Served from 11:30am

*Panini (GF, V option) 15.5
Moroccan roasted pumpkin, roasted red capsicum, caramelised onions, mozzarella, baby spinach and homemade tomato chutney

Veggie Burger (GF, V) 21
Spiced quinoa and chickpea pattie, spinach, tomato and cucumber with creamy aioli, caramelised onion, pickled carrot and beetroot, tomato or chilli chutney on Strange Grains bun served with Asian slaw

Eggplant Parmigiana (GF, V option) 22
Crumbed eggplant with a layer of polenta topped with nap sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with garden salad

*Nasi Gorang (GF, V option) 22
Brown rice and tempeh vegetable stir fry
Add and egg or extra tempeh $3 each

Salad Bowl (GF, V) 22
Middle Eastern felafel salad with roasted pumpkin, crispy chickpeas and felafels in a garden salad with a dukkah and tahini dressing
Add feta or avocado $3 each

Raw Pizza (GF, R, V) 25
Dehydrated almond zucchini base, creamy tomato sauce, marinated vegetables, pesto, nut cheese

Raw Thai Noodles (GF, R, V) 23
Zucchini noodles, julienne vegetables, tamarind and lime sauce, sesame seeds, crushed almonds

*Side of Chunky Chips (GF, V) small 5 – large 9.50
Served with homemade tomato or chilli chutney

Extras 3
Avocado half, Cheese, Nut Cheese, Feta, Bio Cheese, Aioli, Egg, Mushroom, Toast (2 slices)


KIDS LUNCH (12 years and under)

Kid’s Cheesy (GF, V option) 6.5
Strange Grains sourdough bread with melted cheese

Kid’s Platter (GF, V option) 12.5
Dip, rice crackers, popcorn, dried fruit, mini salad and cheese

Nachos (GF, V option) 12.5
Organic corn chips with Mexican beans, melted cheese and tomato salsa

Kid’s Side of Chunky Chips (GF, V) small 5 – large 9
Served with homemade tomato or chilli chutney

Kid’s Extras 
Popcorn 3
Smoothie 4.5
Juice 4.5

V: Vegan  GF: Gluten Free  R: Raw  *Onion & Garlic Free    |    Concessions: 10% off meals with Senior or Disability Card
Please make staff aware if you’re ordering Onion & Garlic Free options